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City of Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan on the Civil Rights Museum Contract Notary Issue

"It appears that the City, in the body of the contract, cut-and-pasted an old Notary statement.

The notary was for the "Piedmont Triad Film Commission".

The Museum crossed out the film commission and wrote in the correct entity.

They didn't catch that the City had also typed in June, 2013.


...the Notary seal and signatures are originals.

The issue originated with the City.

The Notary page is not the last page of a contract like you might traditionally see.

The Notary appears after the signature page (like it should) but is immediately followed by two exhibits.

The Notary "page" was imbedded in the contract.

The Notary statement and the start of Exhibit "A" are on the same page."

Nancy Vaughan


W.E. Heasley said...


Went to the facebook link you point to at the end of your post. Read the entirety.

When local political power purveyors constantly wonder off into the tall weeds of unlimited government scope and unlimited government authority, rather than attending to those items of limited scope and authority, then the end product is for the local political power purveyors to constantly appear as the beclowned.

Be it a coliseum, museum, aqua center, music hall or hotel/motel, the same group of local political power purveyors, the benighted as it were, set the stage for themselves to create new zeniths in the area of murky quagmires. Political dupery and nitwitery have no bounds.

W.E. Heasley said...

It would be a neat trick to blame anything on “the city”. How so? “The city” as with “society” is an abstraction. Abstractions do not think, decide nor take action. Abstractions merely live in an abstract world and do not come to life now and again merely to take blame.

Therefore, “the city” did not magically appear and take action. Only people can think, decide and take action.