One who intends to leave others better off for his having existed.


"Citi received about $6.5 million in ...incentives to build and open the [Whitsett] $35 million facility" that North Carolina taxpayers just got fleeced out of

"...Citigroup plans to close the call center that it has maintained in the Carolina Corporate Center in Whitsett since 2004 by the middle of this year...

...employees were first notified last summer that the jobs at that facility would be transitioned to "work from home" positions by mid-2014.

Shovel Ready incentives anyone?
Now that physical corporate structures are not as necessary any more,
let's not forget Zack Matheny's advocacy for $1.2 million for incentives like this
for two entities whose principal's contributed to his City Council reelection campaign.
...the company expects to still have about 400 total employees in the area after the physical office is closed.

The call center had about 1,000 employees in 2011 and as many as 1,635 back in 2006...

the company last April cut 25 jobs..."

Matt Evans

We need to realize how the game works in order to fix what's wrong with it.
If the GPAC doesn't happen,
we will have most likely done it again on the downtown hotel
for Zack, Nancy H and Robbie Perkins' campaign supporters.
Similar Subject;
"...truck maker AB Volvo plans to lay off 4,400 employees this year, it’s still unclear what impact the job cuts will have on the company's large Triad operations."