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Sound Familiar?; Aquatics Center Edition

"The cost of Arlington County’s planned indoor swimming pool and fitness complex has ballooned..., causing officials to consider downsizing, delaying or discarding plans for the facility.

The Long Bridge Park aquatics center would be built on a sliver of reclaimed land between freeways and railroad tracks in Crystal City. It was supposed to be a crowning achievement of a county that prides itself on planning and fiscal prudence.

...county staff acknowledged last week that the cost of operating the complex has doubled to $3.8 million per year.

...Hynes also expressed concern about the projected ongoing operating cost, comparing it to the money-losing Artisphere, an art gallery partially owned by the county.

“Operations for pools are always expensive. They’re money- sucks,” she said.

...most of the money to pay for the aquatics center comes from two bond referendums approved by c ounty voters and $15 million from the real estate company Vornado Realty Trust, the county’s biggest taxpayer, as part of a deal that allowed the construction of the nearby PenPlace commercial development."

Washington Post
The difference is that Koury didn't put up any money.

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