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On this evening's Greensboro City Council Agenda; Raising Taxes and Water Rates to Borrow at least $177.64 million

25. Resolution fixing the time and place for a public hearing on the question of whether the maximum time period for issuing bonds under orders authorizing $134,000,000 Street Improvement Bonds, $20,000,000 Parks and Recreational Facilities Bonds and $1,000,000 Housing Bonds, which took effect on November 4, 2008, should be extended from seven years to 10 years after such date.

26. Resolution ratifying action of finance director in filing Application for Private Sale of General Obligation Bond Anticipation Notes with Local Government Commission and requesting said Commission to approve the City’s Financing Team.

27. Budget Ordinance establishing Water Resources Revenue Bond Capital Project Fund - Series 2014, in the amount of $30,500,000.
$134 million + $12.14 million + $1 million + $30.5 million = At least $177.64 million, depending how much new debt will be issued for item #26.

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