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Nancy Hoffmann advocating for Roy Carroll's version of June 29, 2013

Roy Carroll;

"The City Council and Downtown Teen Issue [Outside Roy's Centre Point] Needs to be Adequately Addressed Before Summer

...This past summer represented the second summer in which large numbers of unsupervised teens have been left to gather in our downtown with limited or no supervision.

There are very little police resources available to control up to 2,000 teens in downtown.

2,000 teens? 

This is one of the reasons Chief Ken Miller wanted the teen curfew in the first place.
I believe Chief Miller did what he was told.

The City Council implemented the teen curfew last summer after it became apparent that the teen issue was completely out of control.

Not true.

However the City Council also let the teen curfew expire on Oct. 1.

If the issue was out of control, why did Council let it lapse?

...the number of [mostly black] teens, again unsupervised for the most part, has and will continue to cause problems.

...The issue is, they are kids. Lots of kids. We are talking about possibly several thousand over certain weekend nights. To have that many young people unsupervised and not to expect at least some trouble is just naive thinking.

...I know that there have been several meetings with various [mostly black] community leaders about alternatives and options.

...The Greensboro City Council has the obligation to prevent the same situation occurring for a third summer.
Don't invite 10,000 "midnight basketball" type youths to a movie
across the street from Centre Point.

...For approximately 26 minutes last summer on June 29 the Greensboro Police Department was overwhelmed and was unable to maintain control of downtown after numerous fights, coupled with vandalism and the eventual gunfire occurred.

Roy [I don't want poor black kids hanging around my building] Carroll
Hoffmann towed Roy's lie on what happened on June 29, 2013;

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