One who intends to leave others better off for his having existed.


City of Greensboro IFYI; John Lomax requests info on the Gerbings deal which he sought to profit from
Vaughan, Hightower, Fox and Hoffmann meet with Denise and Jim on the Beloved Community Center?
Lomax wants his money?

Does John Lomax feel as though Greensboro's taxpayers owe him?

Does he feel more deserving of the benefits of being one of Greensboro's elites that everyone else should pay to provide food on his plate?

Why would Mr. Lomax want information about a contract he was deeply involved in profiting from?

Was Gerbings told the truth about who benefited from the incentive?

Was John Lomax and Sam Simpson really the beneficiaries?

Was Gerbings merely the mark?

Who got played by whom?

Do Lomax and Simpson owe Greensboro's taxpayers an apology for trying to use their influence to snag some cash via their purchased elected representatives?

Sad this is.

How much money has Lomax received from the city and county?

How many government/school contracts has Lomax benefited from?

Disgusting show of hubris created by a corrupt system of entitlements for our upper class connected this appears to be.

The benefits of buying politicians is on full display.

John wasn't playing on a level playing field with his competitors.  He tried to take advantage of a rigged game.  He tired to take advantage of everyone else's labor.  Of Greensboro's poor and hungry to personally benefit.

We have to be better than this.

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