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City of Burlington Information Request; Project Haystack

"...a broker is currently meeting with property owners adjacent to the prison farm to see whether they’d be willing to sell their property in order for the proposed infrastructure to expand beyond the 760-acre footprint.

The numbers currently available through the Greensboro Planning Department, though, state that Project Haystack would cost about $88 million initially to develop infrastructure over a two-year period, could result in a private-sector investment of $6.5 billion over the 20-year build-out period, would support about 5,300 jobs, result in $720 million in economic activity annually, and yield $39 million in state and local tax revenues annually."
Who is the broker meeting with property owners?

Please provide the economic feasibility study

Who did the study and when, with what data and assumption inputs?

Was the data customized? If so, how? Why?

How many assumptions were made for this study?

Has anyone done a similar study with different results?

If so, what assumptions were behind that study, and how did the other assumptions differ?

Please provide all documents and communications involving any Burlington employees and Robbie Perkins, Andy Scott and/or Mike Solomon since the beginning of 2012.

Please provide what Realtors who have any contracts to buy or sell any of the privately owned properties identified in the proposal.

Please provide documentation of whether or not any of the privately owned properties are under contract.

Please provide documentation of any communications between Greensboro and Guilford County and the identified properties Realtors or owners.

George Hartzman

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