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About those 682 jobs the "Greensboro" Econ Development folks created in "Greensboro"; 523 of the jobs were not created in Greensboro?

The 682 primary new jobs gained in Greensboro last year were projects that the Greensboro Economic Development Alliance [says they] specifically had a hand in...said Dan Lynch, president of the Greensboro Economic Development Alliance...

“The numbers that we report are only numbers announced by companies that we helped either expand here or locate.”...Lynch said.

Last year, the Economic Development Alliance responded to 142 requests for proposals, coordinated 27 client visits and landed eight projects, which resulted in 682 jobs in the Gate City.

• Procter & Gamble Co. in Browns Summit, 200 jobs, $100 million investment;

• Pharmaceutical manufacturer Qualicaps in Whitsett, 123 jobs, $26 million investment;

• Packaging products manufacturer North State Flexibles, 41 jobs, $6 million investment;

• Ralph Lauren Corp., 200 jobs in Whitsett’s Rock Creek Center, where the company leases 360,000 square feet;

200 + 200 + 123 = 523

• Flu vaccine distributor FFF Enterprises, 31 jobs, $7.6 million investment to build an 86,000-square-foot distribution center;

• Laboratory Corp. of America Holdings (NYSE: LH) , or LabCorp, 87 jobs, $1 million investment.
I hear Roy's boy Zack has a point in his regurgitations of Roy's initiative.

If Guilford County gives $200,000 and Greensboro $130,000 every year to help fund the Greensboro Economic Development Alliance, Greensboro's obviously is not getting their money's worth, and from what I understand of the situation, neither is Guilford County.

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Anonymous said...

P&G's "Browns Summit" facility lies within the corporate limit of Greensboro. Browns Summit refers to the postal delivery zone of the facility.