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Zions Bank search for "Term Auction Facility" from thier fiscal year ended December 31, 2008 10k

"In December 2007, the Federal Reserve Board announced a new program, the Term Auction Facility (“TAF”), to make 28 day loans to banks in the United States and to foreign banks through foreign central banks. These loans are made using an auction process. Zions Bank is currently participating in the TAF and may continue to do so as long as money can be borrowed at an attractive rate. The amount that can be borrowed is based upon the amount of collateral that has been pledged to the Federal Reserve Bank. At December 31, 2008, $1.8 billion in borrowings were outstanding under this program as compared to $450 million at December 31, 2007. However, by February 13, 2009, the TAF borrowings outstanding had been reduced to $500 million. At December 31, 2008, the amount available for additional Federal Reserve borrowings was approximately $4.3 billion, which had increased to $5.7 billion by February 13, 2009. An additional $1.3 billion could be borrowed at December 31, 2008 upon the pledging of additional available collateral.

At December 31, 2008, the Company’s subsidiary banks had a total of $13.1 billion of immediately available, unused borrowing capacity at the Fed and various FHLBs, which had increased to $14.3 billion as of February 13, 2009."

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