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Which reality would you prefer? Rail traffic edition

Seems counterintuitive compared to more widely reported metrics, no?

Lowest mortgage application rate in 13 years doesn't really make the headlines.

Seems like most are swimming in sea of confidence created by what we hear, see, read and then think.

Rail Traffic measuring -0.7% from a year ago doesn't comport with the relatively centrally created view of current conditions promoted otherwise.

What could happen if what most people are told to think doesn't end up being true?

Artificially imposed stability leads to greater levels of instability.

I believe there has never been this much artificially imposed financial stability in the history of industrialization, at a time when the need for physical labor continues to diminish via technology induces capacity efficacy.

World wide, all at the same time.  All interconnected and dependent on the words and actions of fiat  money creators.

Unintended consequences.

What should happen if those who know are pushing on a feeble string while most don't know?

Feels like something small is going to break something big.

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