One who intends to leave others better off for his having existed.


The Federal Reserve now owns one third of the entire US Treasury market

When Germany hyper inflated in the early 1920's their central bank owned more than 90% of German sovereign debt.  The difference is the US is currently in charge of the world's reserve currency, which we have used to export inflation to other countries trying to keep up.  The net end affect of other countries printing to buy their own debt more than we are, is that others, like Venezuela, Argentina, India, Afghanistan etc... may experience the German like run up to 0 first, leaving the US dollar as a replacement.

Problem is, at some point, as the worlds economies begin to contract, we will be affected as a consequence as the process accelerates beyond developed market central bank control.  

It's good to be an empire.  Afghanistan's population is already dumping their local currencies to hold as many US dollars as possible to flee from the mass printing going on there.

If we keep following the same course, we'll end up where we're going.

If we choose a more integrity oriented path, we can hit bottom faster and cleaner, to pick up the pieces and move on sooner.

Either way similar outcomes appear pretty baked in.

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