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On the IMPLAN analysis tool used to gauge $29.3 million economic impact of the Wyndham hotel

"What Does Implan Do? What Don't We Do?;

We DO provide independent data for economic impact studies.
We DO provide software tools that help analysts of varying expertise levels conduct these studies.
We DO NOT conduct studies ourselves. This enables us to keep our data free from ulterior motives.
We DO NOT certify studies. This is our policy because we do not control or influence the assumptions that go into a study.
We DO NOT even see the vast majority of studies created using our data.
We DO encourage people to debate the assumptions behind studies done with IMPLAN data. We realize that differing assumptions lead to differing results.
We DO copyright protect the IMPLAN name. Most studies that use IMPLAN do not have permission to put our name on the study.
We DO provide a list of subject matter experts to help you understand studies better.
What Happens When IMPLAN Data Is Misused?

When IMPLAN data is misused, studies can end up with unrealistic results. One example of this happened in 2012, when a presidential candidate’s campaign used IMPLAN data to study his tax proposal. Unfortunately, the candidate’s campaign and its analyst never stated their assumptions. This analyst made assumptions that led one media report to state that the report “falls well short of rigorous or independent economic analysis.”

When questioned, we told the media what we always do—that impact studies are only as strong as the assumptions as the analist put into that study. The fact that this campaign and its analyst declined to discuss their assumptions clearly called the results into question.
Questions the Media Can Ask to Better Understand a Study

What data was used in this study? (If the data is from IMPLAN, we are happy to answer your questions about how it was created.)
Was the IMPLAN data customized? If so, how? Why?
What assumptions are behind this study? (i.e. What values did you enter into the IMPLAN system, Why those numbers?)
How many assumptions were made for this study? Is this enough information to create a thorough study?
Has anyone done a similar study with different results? If so, what assumptions were behind that study? How do these assumptions differ?

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Brutarius said...

Don Jud uses IMPLAN. That's how he cooked up the ridiculous numbers for the FedEx Hub and for Nussbaum Center's claims of tax revenue and economic impact.