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If true, our federal government has been compromised, in case anyone asks

"...Senate Budget Committee ranking member Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) detailed on the Senate floor on Tuesday how Ryan and Murray used double counting accounting methodologies to make it appear as though they cut the deficit.

...Sessions’ staff determined the amount of money double-counted in deficit reduction in this bill to be $28 billion.

...A large part of the Medicare savings accrues to the Hospital Insurance (HI) Trust Fund for Part A, so the proposal uses trust fund savings to increase discretionary spending.”

...Ryan and Murray specifically chose not to ask the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) to include that interest on the borrowed money in its estimate of the deal—despite the fact that CBO would have if asked. The CBO actually did so for the Budget Control Act (BCA), the sequester legislation that the Ryan-Murray deal would replace."

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