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"G.M. Will Stop Making Cars in Australia" and where the low cost equipment for a locally based auto company would come from

From "An auto manufacturing/assembly plant", by George Hartzman;

"As we enter what very much looks like a global recession, auto manufacturing equipment should be relatively inexpensively acquired, as some auto makers succumb to new realities."
"General Motors said it would stop making cars in Australia by 2017 due to high costs and a cripplingly strong currency, fueling fears that its rival Toyota will follow suit and put the entire local auto industry at risk.

The decision by the world’s second-largest carmaker the latest blow to Australia’s manufacturing industry in general and the auto sector in particular.

...In May, Ford said it would shut its two Australian auto plants in October 2016, blaming similar factors.

There have been widespread concerns that an exit by G.M. Holden would be followed by the sole remaining producer, Toyota, threatening around 150 parts and component suppliers that directly employ more than 40,000 people.

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