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City of Greensboro Information Request on Information Requests

Please disclose the dates, day of the week and time of day the last 100 information requests have been delivered by email Ben Holder, George Hartzman, Sal Leone, Billy Jones and Roch Smith.

It seems the City of Greensboro executive staff including the city attorney amongst others don't like to deliver time sensitive public information when it appears to reflect of some city staff actions and performance issues.

Many information requests I have received have been delivered late on Friday afternoons.

Of the last 100 information requests noted above, please provide the dates and times the information was ready to deliver, compared to when it was delivered.

I have asked for this information before, and the request was never filled or recorded in an IFYI that I am aware of.

I believe some of the unfilled requests may be most informational to incoming council members.

I believe the prior administration's conduct concerning information requests should be investigated.

Also, please provide clarification as to why the information requests from our local news industry seem to not appear, yet stories are reported with information from the city, like the recent city loan default.


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