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November 12, Greensboro City Council Agenda with Attachments

8. PUBLIC HEARING - Ordinance changing the name of the portion of East Lee Street, West Lee Street and High Point Road from I-40 westward to its intersection with Groometown Road to East Gate City Boulevard and West Gate City Boulevard.

9. Resolution supporting the Greensboro Partnership’s Development of a Entrepreneurship Ecosystem including a Business Accelerator Program.

10. Resolution approving changing the loan and security agreement with the Nussbaum Center for Entrepreneurship, Inc. to a grant.

15. Resolution Approving Inter-local Agreement with Guilford County regarding additional funding for the Greensboro Public Libraries.

18. Resolution authorizing conveyance of a portion of 2110 Phillips Avenue by the Redevelopment Commission to Glandon Forest Equity, LLC.

19. Resolution authorizing purchase of a portion of property located at 2800 High Point Road for the High Point Road Streetscape Project.

34. Resolution authorizing a loan of $100,000 to Samet Corporation and authorizing a loan for $100,000 to McConnell Center Partners, LLC to be used for grading of qualified industrial sites.

Number 10;

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