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Is it possible for Robbie Perkins to pander to East Greensboro any more? "Black Network Television might sue city over business loan"

"...Michael and Ramona Woods, the husband and wife team behind Black Network Television, hosted a press conference this morning at their studio on Eugene Street.

At issue is a $300,000, 10-year economic development loan, for which the city council voted in June to negotiate a deal.

The loan would have gone toward production of a sitcom titled "Whatcha Cookin'?"

However the following month, the council reversed course, voting 6-3 against the loan after a title search revealed the Woods had a second mortgage on a $975,000 home they had pledged as collateral.

...The Woods' attorney, Willie Gary, this morning called the equity issue, "hogwash," and blamed some "evil people" on the council for the loan falling through. Racism, he said, may also have played a role.

"Whatever it takes, whether by way of the courts or by way of the jury system, we're going to bring those who are guilty of racism to the forefront."

...Greensboro mayor Robbie Perkins said he couldn't comment on the possibility of litigation.

However, he did say he was a supporter of the loan and voted in favor of it both times it came before city council.

"I thought that this was a way to provide assistance to what I think is a potential new industry in our city," he said in a telephone interview this morning. "It was a secured loan."

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