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City of Greensboro Downtown Hotel Info Request

Please provide the study that says "A proposed downtown luxury hotel could generate $29.3 million of economic activity a year, the city staff estimates."

If Amanda already has it, it shouldn't take till Friday to produce it Mary.

Also please provide the last city paid for economic/feasibility study on the hotel, from when Bridget Chisholm was involved.

How much would this taxpayer subsidized project hurt the Greensboro Marriott,
a competing private business that didn't take everyone else's money?

Please provide written documentation showing the hotel wouldn't be able to access loans for the developers to build their own parking lot for their hotel.

Please provide written documentation if any lenders espouse the "if they don't get taxpayer money, we won't give them a loan".

Please provide written documentation showing the "incentive grant" fits within our economic development guidelines for job creation, wages and money per job.

Still waiting on prior info request for communications etc..., including;

Please provide the economic feasibility study and for the Elm Street hotel deal.

Please provide all documents and communications including private emails and text messages between Nancy Hoffmann and/or Robbie Perkins to City of Greensboro executives which includes any of the following; "incentive", "Momentum" "Kaplan" "Manning" "James or Jim Budd", "Kern" "House" "Nick Piornack", "Worx", and/or "Rhyne", including Kathi Dubel, Andy Scott, John Shoffner and/or Reggie Delahanty from the beginning of 2013 to the present.

Under the North Carolina Public Records Law, G.S. §132-1.,
I am requesting an opportunity to inspect or obtain copies of public records
containing documents or communications to or from Randall Kaplan, Greg Dillon, George House, Milton Kern or Brad Semon from the beggining of 2013 to the present.

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