One who intends to leave others better off for his having existed.


Robbie Perkins campaign connections to Tuesday's City Council Give Aways

7. Ordinance in the amount of $12,000 amending the Special Tax Districts Fund to appropriate additional funds to Downtown Greensboro Incorporated.

8. Resolution authorizing contract between the City of Greensboro and Downtown Greensboro Incorporated for Downtown Revitalization and Economic Development Services.

 9. Resolution authorizing agreement between the City of Greensboro and Center City Park, LLC with reference to Maintenance, Operation and Services for Center City Park.

Betty Cone, who profits from the above entities and taxpayer allocations; Page 8 of 30
26. Resolution authorizing an Economic Development loan of up to $1,000,000 for private developer industrial site grading.

David Howard, Windsor Investments, who tried to get more than $400,000 at the last council meeting; Page 10 of 30

Footnote; Barry Siegal, who received a few hundred thousand for the Southeastern Building; Page 18
"He said his [not anymore] company, NAI Piedmont Triad, has picked up the tab for his car and his Greensboro County Club dues, which he said were necessary to his work in the real estate business."

Didn't Stanhope Johnson just purchase NAI?

If Stanhope bought it for 100k and is paying for Robbie's car and club dues... what?

How to walk away from a business partner's divorce with what looks like at least $1,000,000, by Stanhope M. Johnson

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