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"Hartzman coached Vaughan for forum with rival Perkins

Inside Scoop: Hartzman helping Vaughan

"You know that whole "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" business?

Well, there's some of that happening in the Greensboro mayor's race this year.

A few days after defeating him at last week's mayoral primary, first-place finisher Nancy Vaughan got a call from third-place finisher George Hartzman.

Hartzman, a practiced orator, offered to help Vaughan prepare for Monday's head-to-head forum with incumbent Mayor Robbie Perkins, also a comfortable public speaker.

Hartzman and Vaughan met at the Bench Tavern, Hartzman's favorite haunt. Hartzman wouldn't say exactly he told her, but he said he intends to help her again.

"What's in the best interest of the city of Greensboro is for Robbie Perkins not to be mayor anymore," Hartzman said.

But he's not endorsing her for mayor -- in case you were one of those 1,900 some voters who wanted Hartzman to lead the city."

Amanda Lehmert

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