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Greensboro News & Record on George Hartzman's Mayoral run

"Challenger Hartzman, a 46-year-old investment adviser, worked the polls throughout the day.

He didn’t raise any money through contributions, believing his opponents are swayed by their donors.

But his lack of fund raising meant he couldn’t buy the traditional campaign yard signs and other advertisements.

“I tried something unusual,” he said. “It was worth it.

It was definitely worth it.”

He said he can’t recommend either challenger in the general election."

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JP said...

...was rooting for you. The results are disappointing same-ole, same-ole, but there is always the fight ahead. Hoping we can help you carry on, in some small way, in the press. Since I don't live in the city, I unfortunately couldn't go to the polls, but encouraged those who could to get out and vote.