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Carolina Peacemaker on the mayoral race and an auto manufacturer in Guilford County

"The 2013 mayoral race will see financial advisor and politics blogger George Hartzman, at-large council member Nancy Vaughan, and current Mayor Robbie Perkins...

...According to Hartzman's blog, he is running for mayor in order to bring 50,000 jobs to Greensboro and Guilford County over the next 10 years. “I want my kids to be able to live and work around Greensboro after they graduate college. The status quo is currently an impediment to the chances of my being able to watch my grand-kids grow up close by. We cannot bring in good paying jobs with an uneven playing field for businesses looking to relocate or expand. I believe we don't have a level playing field, which means some of our city’s leaders have acted in the name of our community, while favoring a select few in an ethically inappropriate manner.”

Hartzman’s approach to economic development in East Greensboro is for Greensboro to create jobs by designing and manufacturing its own high-quality, inexpensive automobile parts that can easily be exchanged between different model years."

Yasmine Regester
An auto manufacturing/assembly plant on the Guilford County Prison Farm land

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