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A few questions I asked in writing at tonight's Greensboro Mayoral forum

Why bail out Skip Alston and the Carolina Bank loan, if saving the museum doesn't involve saving the Sit In Movement non profit or the loan?

Where are the letters of credit backing up the GPAC contributions, where is the money currently invested, and if there are no binding commitments, when will the letters of credit and binding commitments be delivered?

Is Skip Alston going to vote for the Simpkins PAC endorsement if he's backing Robbie Perkins?

Why did Greensboro give Matt Brown a raise for spending less than 100% of his time in Greensboro?

Why are other Coliseum employees getting paid for working in Winston, but Matt Brown and his "deputy" aren't?

What is the quality of glass in Roy Carroll's building?

Would either candidate support a 48 hour contribution reporting rule for contributions over $300?

Would either support term limits for Greensboro City Council?

Would either support restricting those doing business with the city from contributing to campaigns?

Subcontractor MWBE transparency.

Should council members pay for endorsements, like for the Simkins PAC?

Police citizens review board.

How is the city going to handle the GPAC contracts, considering David Hagan's unnessessary commissions?

Why should some connected few who contribute to some council members get some of everyone elses money, giving them an edge over other non-politician buying citizens who compete for the same business?

Why does Samet need taxpayer money for a "shovel ready" project, considering how much they have profited from everyone else's debt on many construction jobs?

Should Windsor Investment's David Howard, a Greensboro Country Club member who recently contributed to Zack and Robbie, recieve hundreds of thousands right before an election on two different projects?

Is Lebauer park going to be taken care of by the city, and if so, should some of the money be set aside to take care of the park?

Should the Coliseum be taking business from local competitors as Matt Brown has had a bunch of private functions that clearly used to occur elsewhere? (My kid went to homecoming at the Coliseum; used to go to Elm Street Center)

If DGI was supposed to chage, why did they hire now ex Greensboro Partnership lobbyist Jason Cannon?

Why are our roads in such lousy shape compared to Charlotte and Raliegh, and what's the plan for fixing them?

What is your assessment of the city attorney?

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