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Sal Leone nails one; "Demolition cost for War Memorial Auditorium has been estimated at $362,000..."

From: "Email, Inforequests" Date: September 27, 2013 at 1:28:11 PM EDT
To: 'sal leone' Subject: RE: [PIRT Request via Website] - demolition costs

Hello Mr. Leone,

Demolition cost for War Memorial Auditorium has been estimated at $362,000...


Public Information Desk
City of Greensboro
300 W. Washington Street
Greensboro, NC 27401
GH; I'm pretty sure these costs were not included in the calculations of parking revenue to pay for GPAC debt presented by city staff and swallowed by some unknowing and/or not caring council members.


Billy Jones said...

George, as you are aware, myself and others also received that e-mail from Sal and while I know the e-mail is true there is a reason I never blogged it: The estimate provided by the City of Greensboro is less than half of what it will actually cost to tear down and haul away War Memorial Auditorium.

No bids have been let and the City is just throwing out numbers.

sal leone said...

I think it will cost more and the City is trying to cover up cost. I have family in the construction business and know that it will cost way more. The public forget dangerous material clean up, they cant blow it up or the reverse I should say, there are air issues, so it has to be done slow, which cost more. I knew the City would lose money on parking and GH is right on the money with GPAC or TPAC being funded by the City.
There is another issue with parking, Mrs Johnson asked for handicapped parking spaces and a reduced cost, how may spaces, what is the lost to the city, anyone taking that into account, GH is right and Billie, GPAC will cost the taxpayers, there is no other way.
Oh yes the City forgot to look into one other thing, will production companies come to TPAC being so close to DPAC.

Oh yes, the best part about the low number, it locks the city into a statement of cost.