One who intends to leave others better off for his having existed.


If Skip Alston was/is a slumlord, and Robbie Perkins company funds TREBIC, which wants to gut RUCO...?

A slumlord a derogatory term for landlords,
...who attempt to maximize profit by minimizing spending on property maintenance,
often in deteriorating neighborhoods.

"Alston's company once managed a local, city-subsidized apartment complex for low-income,
mostly black residents called St. James Homes II.

...slumlords do very little maintenance on their property
(ordinarily, just enough to meet minimum local requirements for habitability),
and in turn offer low rent rates to lure tenants who will not (or cannot) pay high rent
(and/or who might not pass background checks
should these be required to live in the higher rent areas).

Residents complained about crime, squatters and the general disrepair of the units.

Slumlords of this kind typically prosecute many evictions.

Some also said Alston had been unresponsive to their concerns.

In 2005, a 21-year-old tenant was injured
when one of 11 defective stairways collapsed underfoot.

Alston was state NAACP president at the time.

It is not uncommon for slumlords to buy property with little or no down payment,
and also to receive rent in cash to avoid disclosing it for tax purposes,
providing lucrative short term income.

...A slumlord may also hope that his property will eventually be purchased by government
for more than it is worth as a part of urban renewal,
or by investors as the neighborhood becomes gentrified.

Ultimately St. James II was demolished,
but not after city taxpayers had invested more than $1 million in the complex.

...Many people have a negative opinion of slumlords,
blaming them for declining property values and whole neighborhoods of shanty buildings.

In 2002, a city inspections sweep turned up 45 building code violations at an apartment complex owned by Alston.

In 2006, properties owned by Alston ranked No. 3 in the city with 15 housing code violations...

They say slumlords leech away the wealth of the poor
with little regard to future generations or the local people.

...As many of these neighborhoods are often populated by poor minorities,
the term ghetto landlord has also been used.

...he has consolidated so much power in so many different corners
and created so many strong alliances that he is nearly untouchable."


Another type of slumlord is called a retail slumlord
and keep shopping malls in a bad shape
until finally the government buys it or confiscates it.


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