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BB&T buys High Point Atrium showroom for $2 million; Guilford County Tax Value - $9.1 million = $7.1 million difference

"The total appraised value of the building at 430 S. Main St. in High Point, as well as the three acres it sits on, is $9.1 million, according to Guilford County tax records."

Catherine Carlock

George Hartzman on Guilford County and Greensboro Real Estate Revaluation

On the 2012 Greensboro & Guilford County Real Estate Tax Revaluation Assessment

An interesting conversation between George Hartzman and Jeff "Fec" Martin on Guilford County's Property Revaluation process

If 401 Sunset Drive just sold for $1,725,000...?

If 1 Sailview Cove just sold for $965,000, why is the Guilford County Tax Assessment $268,200 higher?

Jeff Phillips on Revaluations: "County budget sleight of hand"

"Did county consider foreclosures properly?"

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