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More proof from the NAIOP that TREBIC illegally lobbyied at the state level? Plus Roy Carroll and Marlene Sanford's 9000 acres outside city limits

From NAIOP's (commercial real estate development association) legislative affairs website;
Jordan Lake Water Quality Rules Extension: In the last 2 weeks of the 2012 Legislative Session TREBIC co-led a team effort to pull off a miracle with the Jordan Lake Rules.  As a result, the Legislature passed two bills the final hours of the session that include a 2-year delay of the implementation deadline for the New Development Rule to August, 2014. 
 ...At the June 19th City Council hearing TREBIC spoke to support a move by Mayor Robbie Perkins who led a unanimous vote to deny the amendments.  The point was to send a strong message to the legislature about the problems with the rules, but Council expected to have to rehear and adopt the amendments before August 10th to avoid penalties associated with being in violation of state law.  However, TREBIC recognized that the Council’s “denial” message opened an opportunity to move the compliance deadline, thereby buying valuable time.  So we threw the Hail Mary pass and worked furiously for 2 solid weeks.  A big “thanks!” goes to our partners in the effort: the City of Greensboro staff, Robbie Perkins, Trudy Wade, the Greensboro Partnership, City of Burlington staff, Burlington Mayor Ronnie Wall, Senate President ProTem Phil Berger and his staff, and Representative John Blust...  
And on Water and Sewer to Roy Carroll's Birch Creek development paid for with a water rate increase for City of Greensboro and Guilford County residents:
Sewer Project to Open 9000 Acres to Development in Guilford County: Due to some regulatory changes at the state that mostly affect paper calculations, we are now out of sewer collection capacity (in the lines, not at the treatment plant) on the east side of Guilford County.   
...In recent months city staff proposed that the city spend $22M to upgrade lift stations and install a sewer outfall in the area, which will fix the problem and open 9000 acres to new development along the I-85/40 corridor eastward to Burlington, all of which is currently outside the city limits.  This March the City Council and County Commissioners tentatively agreed to a plan that TREBIC supported to use the remaining $19M in the soon-to-be-dissolved Guilford County/Greensboro Joint Water and Sewer Trust Fund toward the project.  A big thanks to Mayor Perkins and Chairman Alston who consulted TREBIC along the way.
The City of Greensboro and Guilford County funded TREBIC's projects outside the city limits, instead of holding water rates down.
Increase in Greensboro ...water and sewer rates begins Sunday...June 29, 2012:  ...Water and sewer rates will ...increase 3 percent for Greensboro residents and 7.5 percent for non-residents. 

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