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John Hammer "City Council Stages Its Own Food Truck Fight"

"Tuesday, August 28, the Greensboro City Council
...spent nearly an hour discussing food trucks.

And not just food trucks,
but food trucks in the downtown.

How much revenue could food trucks remove
from the pockets of downtown business owners
and the owners of the commercial properties
that pay extra taxes to DGI?

...Matheny's suggestion was that the city simply lift the ban
and allow food trucks on private property downtown...

Like late night outside of nightclubs
after most high taxpaying restaurants close,

If food trucks are allowed to directly compete
with with restaurants downtown
and their isn't enough business to sustain profitability,
how could some downtown businesses not go under
and the property owners get hurt
especially since their taxes went up in the last revaluation?

...Nobody on the council seemed to oppose lifting the ban...

Is this about less expensive food 
for government employees at the expense of city tax revenues?

Matheny asked, "What is the point of prohibiting them
in the CBD [central business district]?"

Roth answered, "I'm sorry I don't know."

How much revenue could be lost
that supports the restaurant jobs of those working downtown
if many stop eating lunch etc... at thier establishments?

Why would Zack want to hurt downtown restaurant owners? staff is going to bring back resolutions
for a pilot program for food trucks on Commerce Place
...and an ordinance to end the ban on food trucks in the downtown
that Matheny kept pushing."

John Hammer

Is this really about a less expensive lunch for Ed Cone
at the expense of relatively high tax paying interests?

Why would anyone want to open a restaurant downtown
if another could buy a food truck, pay much lower taxes
and can move on if the competition get too tough?

Should food trucks be allowed at Friendly Center?

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