Tom Taylor: "City Would Benefit From New Arts Center"

"...Greensboro needs a new performing arts center.

...it should be located in downtown to get the most bang for the buck!...

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It is a quality-of-life component that is needed
to help make our city attractive to new business and industry
and give our 270,000 residents another reason to be proud of our city.

A new arts center would be expensive
and likely would require the city to issue new bonds to help finance it.

But it’s an investment we need to make.

A study is being done
to determine the optimal size and design of a new facility.

The study also will estimate the economic impact
of a new performing arts center.

Why would the Greensboro Performing Arts Center Task Force
hire the same guy to do both a feasibility study and a business plan?

...I urge voters to support a new arts center
if it is on the ballot this November.

Tom Taylor
2011 Board Chairman, Downtown Greensboro Inc.
305 Blandwood Avenue
Greensboro, NC 27401
Greensboro News & Record Letter to the Editor

"...the Greensboro Performing Arts Center Task Force
...had their first meeting with Steven Wolff of AMS Planning & Research Corp.
...which has been contracted by the task force
to conduct a feasibility study and business plan for the arts center.

Shouldn't a business plan for the PAC
come after the results of a non-biased study?

AMS is being paid $88,800 for it’s study, along with expenses.

That will bring the total cost of the study to probably just under $100,000.

The study and the business plan?

"We have a tremendous amount of work to do.

We are going to plan a new arts facility in Greensboro in 80 days," said Wolff."

99 Blocks

How can the same person in charge of the feasibility study
say "We are going to plan a new arts facility in Greensboro in 80 days,"
and maintain credibility at the same time?

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Anonymous said...

an appraisal on a tract in downtown with a scope of work defining the highest and best use as for a baseball stadium then ignore the sale of the YMCA property a few blocks away.

City says thanks for that info we'll pay you what the appraiser said without getting our own appraisal.