One who intends to leave others better off for his having existed.


Could some who follow statistical irregularities, take advantage of relative unawareness of the many, prior to collective realization?

There’s been some suggestions that the payrolls report

had been distorted by the way the Bureau of Labor Statistics

accounts for business births and deaths


There’s been talk that the birth/death model

 a little-noted detail in the monthly report

 came in with a huge statistical discrepancy for this month

 effectively adding as many as 220,000 jobs to the reading


In a conference call with reporters, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis

...insisted the BLS number was correct

 and that no changes would be needed


Market Reaction Hints At False Note In Jobs Report

Bob O'Brien

Barrons, June 5, 2009





What is the likelihood

that the Bureau of Labor Statistics Birth/Death adjustment

which guesstimates employment at new businesses

added 220,000 hypothetical jobs in May 2009

including 43,000 new construction positions

as new small business loan availability cratered

77,000 in Leisure and Hospitality jobs

as hotel occupancy hit new lows

and 7,000 Financial Services positions


if 174,000 jobs were estimated in May 2008?


Is it conceivable

that the US created more construction and leisure/hospitality jobs

in April and May of 2009

than in April & May of 2002, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 2008

considering current economic circumstances?




John C. Hancock said...

Our dear George, I do not understand the data. All I know is that our Son in VA., is busy as a structural engineer. Work needed before construction begins.

Mark Bishopric said...

Looks like some of the manipulations that we have seen in the cost of living index adjustments that we have seen in the past....