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Why would The City of Greensboro not maintain a database of local subcontractors doing work for general contractors who won municipal construction bids?

The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure,

when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them.


Patrick Henry


David Hoggard said...

Not sure why. Why do you ask?

george said...

Fishing for campaign contribution correlations.


David Hoggard said...

It's a bit of a stretch to put it mildly.

Subcontractors have absolutely no way of knowing if they will be selected by the GC to receive a subcontract for their services. It is strictly a lowest responsible bid environment for both the GC and the Sub.

I'm involved in one right now at the Greensboro Historical Museum. We were awarded a subcontract by J.Wayne Poole by being the lowest bidder for our portion of the work - Poole was awarded the contract by being $5,000 below the next highest bidder. No amount of campaign contributions could have influenced the reality of their bidding process. Much less mine as a sub.

The City does a great job of saving the taxpayer's money by strictly adhering to a very upfront and transparent bid process.

From my experience, you are looking up the wrong skirt.

george said...

From what I have assertained so far, you may very well be correct.

Though so far I have found the inquiry productive.

Jeff Deal said...

The city does maintain a subcontractor/vendor database through their MWBE program, but only those qualifying as MWBE's; those MWBE businesses are also listed on a state-mandated attachment to the GC's bid forms.

They also would have most of that information on the sales tax reports they require the GC's to file with their pay applications (invoices) that the City then uses to recover sales taxes paid from the state.

george said...

Thanks for the info Jeff

Jeff Deal said...

I do have to agree with David; there are more fertile hunting grounds out there. Guilford County Schools is on far shakier ground with some of their secondary/tertiary purchasing through their (over)use of the "CM at risk" delivery method to boost their MWBE participation stats.