One who intends to leave others better off for his having existed.


On North Carolina's smoking ban

Why would a nationalized tobacco industry

say smoking prevents ulcers, reduces the risk of Parkinson's disease,

relieves schizophrenia, boosts brain cells,

speeds up thinking, improves reactions, increases work efficiency

and eliminates loneliness and depression?




We know smoking tobacco is not good for kids,

but a lot of other things aren't good.


Drinking's not good.


Some would say milk's not good.


Bob Dole

Why would a study indirectly funded by tobacco interests

suggest savings from not having to pay smokers pensions and benefits

outweighs short term health care costs

when tobacco tax revenues are included? 

By smoking,

I contribute to the stability of the state budget.


By buying cigarettes I increase state revenues and I will die of lung cancer,

so the state won't have to pay me a pension.


Former Czech Prime Minister Milos Zeman


If most smokers die about 10 years earlier than non-smokers,

and more Americans started smoking,

would taxpayers pay less for short-term medical costs

than for long-term Social Security and Medicaid benefits?


If some wanted to increase tax revenues

to improve the nations financial condition

by motivating more Americans to smoke

would they tell everybody?


It is more profitable for your congressman to support the tobacco industry

than your life.


Jackie Mason

Could smoking be considered patriotic?

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Fight4Freedom said...

It amazes me how often we (Americans) just roll over and let the government decide what is best for us. We continue to give up our rights a little bit at a time while saying, "it's not that bad" or "it could be worse". Bottom line, it should be our choice. There was no law restricting an establishment from becoming non-smoking without the government’s help. There also wasn’t a law that made non-smokers go to or work at smoking establishments.
As for all of these bars and restaurants that are claiming to love this new law, why didn’t they go non-smoking on their own? The large chains are not going to be negatively affected by this, but several small businesses that have had a majority of smoking customers may likely be forced to close their doors now that their clientele has been made to be outcasts.
It happened with seatbelt and helmet laws, and once smoking is conquered, who knows what right of choice will be taken away next. By the time most of the sheep in this country realize what has happened, it will be too late.
All readers,
I've started a petition to try and save our freedom of choice at:
I’ve caught a lot of flack stating that petitions don’t work. Without any support, I can be assured that it will not. However, at least I can say that I’m trying something and not just rolling over. If you want to be a sheep and follow the herd, that is your choice. If you would like to “try” and make a difference, please take a moment to read the petition. If you agree with it, please sign it. If you don’t, don’t. That’s your choice (for now anyway).