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Should the reasons behind a recusal by Guilford County Commissioner Skip Alston been publicly disseminated, or only if uncovered by reporters?

Now we can understand why Chairman Skip Alston recused himself on December 10, 2009 during the Guilford county board of commissioners meeting on this agenda item below,


Pursuant to a Resolution adopted by the Board of Commissioners on 11/19/09 designating Guilford County as a Recovery Zone for purposes of the Recovery Zone Act of 2009, the following developers have submitted Notice of Intent statements requesting financing authority through the Recovery Zone Economic Development & Recovery Zone Facility Bond provisions of the American and Reinvestment Act of 2009 for projects located in Guilford County:


The Shoppes at Pyramids Village, LLC - $9,000,000; the Shoppes at Pyramids Village, LLC- $10,000,000;


Summerfield Veterinary Hospital - $340,000;


Ole Asheboro Hotel - $4,000,000. (The projects have been reviewed by the Guilford County Industrial Facilities and Pollution Control Financing Authority. ( Brenda Fox, Mark Payne, Betty Garrett)


Kieth Brown

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