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Is the Greensboro News and Record Editorial Board saying it’s OK for community leaders to lie to the public?

Editorial: Time to move ahead


…Yes, some voters feel they were duped into approving the original $12 million earmarked for the project in a 2008 parks and recreation bond package.


…And yes, a concept that began as public/private partnership several years ago somehow has evolved into an almost entirely public venture.


…Michael G. Curran, president of the privately built Triangle Aquatic Center in Cary…questioned its estimated $14 million annual economic impact.


"I'd be surprised if you did half that amount," he said in an interview.


The Triangle facility generates $5.3 million in economic impact from 35 events annually.


As for operating costs, Curran also offered words of caution. "There's just a lot of things in a business plan you just don't think about," he said.


"I am surprised at what's being built in Greensboro, and what is being presented," Curran said of the estimated operating budget of $652,000.


"It makes no sense to me the numbers I'm seeing projected and what we've done here. I just don't see them being met."


Greensboro News and Record Editorial Board

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Brenda Bowers said...

Is the N&R saying it is OKay for the City council to lie to the public? Gee Whiz and why not? After all the N&R has been doing just that for years! BB

Mike J Baron said...

Greensboro managers lied about the need for the Randleman Dam. They said they had to have it by the year 2000. They said water use was skyrocketing. Those were lies. City Manager Ed Kitchen approved a 1999 city water video that said water use was "increasing" when it had decreased 4 years in a row. I called him on that and it got me fired. Lying comes natural to Greensboro's leaders who always allow the ends to justify their means. Greensboro always gets what it wants using whatever it takes.

Mike J Baron