One who intends to leave others better off for his having existed.


If Greensboro’s City Council approves a profligate debt expense for a swimming pool as Greensboro’s tax revenues fall, will our community create jobs for what some want, by eliminating needed civil service employment as unavoidable budget cuts become necessary to support overleveraged principle and interest obligations?

When Greensboro’s history of our era is written, could this facility come to represent a monument to reckless over-borrowing, spending and taxing property owners at what may be the worst possible time?


Gary Wegner said...

This could be the one that will put us over the top, but there have been many more during the Carolyn Allen- Keith Holliday- Yvonne Johnson administrations that helped get us here. Until our elected officials understand that they cannot continue to raise taxes and fees and expect companies to locate their operations here, things will not change. These companies are what this city needs to provide jobs for our residents and we will never get them to do so until we create within our city government a business friendly environment.

george said...

A business friendly environment being lower taxes, and a level playing field in local government for businesses looking to expand or relocate here.