Guilford County Covid Charts as of 11/24/2020; Highest Seven Day Average New Cases, Hospitalizations and Positive Tests by Age and Death

 Highest Seven Day Average New Cases;


New Cases per day;



Most Positive Tests are Low Risk Individuals;


Death by Age is skewed to those getting infected less, relative to the rates of younger individuals, but that may change after Thanksgiving congregations;


10/30/20; Guilford County, North Carolina Covid-19 Cases Spiking

10/16/20; Guilford County and North Carolina Total Covid-19 Cases and Deaths YTD; What may likely happen next

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April 15, 2020; COVID-19 severity thoughts based on monthly global temperatures compared to 1918-1919

4/11/20; COVID-19; Homeowners with federally backed loans can skip mortgage payments for up to a year, regardless of what their banks say"

Monday, March 23, 2020; High blood pressure and Covid-19 with links etc... Guilford County NC at 11 cases

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