From Buck Consultant's ICMA-RC 457 Plan Administration RFP for Contra Costa County

"ICMA-RC uses the SunGard OMNI system for recordkeeping which is a standard product used by many different firms to perform back office third-party administration services to 457(b) plans.

ICMA-RC Fee with Open Architecture Investment Structure = 0.116%

ICMA-RC Fee if County Uses Vendor’s Proprietary PLUS Fund = 0.0625%

The RFP requested proposers to confirm that any revenue sharing amounts generated in excess of fee quotes would be tracked and reimbursed to the County. ICMA’s proposal confirmed this practice."

March 28, 2013

Presented by:
Jonathan P. Slinger, CFA

SunGard's Omni suite of solutions provides a set of tools to help your business manage pension recordkeeping and administration functionality in the global landscape. By offering global, web-based access to plan participants and sponsors, a high level of automation in trading transactions, benefit disbursement, and a commitment to self-improvement, Omni helps your business capitalize on the trend towards increased asset growth in pension investing worldwide.

Omni is:

Available as a licensed installation, on a software as a service (SaaS)/ASP basis or through full-service outsourcing...


Omni Web Solution

SunGard’s Omni Web Solution is a modern, scalable framework designed to empower employees, plan sponsors and advisors with tailored access to key retirement data information.

Omni Defined Contribution

SunGard's Omni Defined Contribution is a scalable processing engine that supports specialized processing requirements, accounting and transaction scheduling for the retirement planning services industry.

...Omni Payments

SunGard's Omni Payments solution automates, organizes, simplifies and integrates your check writing and benefit disbursement process.

Omni Data Validation

SunGard’s Omni Data Validation Web application transforms payroll data collection by enabling plan sponsors to submit contributions, loan payments, enrollments, participant indicative information and other administrative data online.


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