Do fewer Gazelles = fewer Cheetahs?

If Gazelles need water and grass
and Cheetahs need water and Gazelles
and an abundance of sustenance leads to more Gazelles
should more Gazelles and water lead to more Cheetahs?

If too many Gazelles relative to water and grass lead to fewer Gazelles
do fewer Gazelles = fewer Cheetahs?

If water was money and grass was credit
and Cheetahs and Gazelles were people
who would be who?

If need is sustenance and a temperate climate
should you not do what you don’t want done to you
unless you need to?

Population, when unchecked,
increases in a geometrical ratio.

Subsistence only increases in an arithmetical ratio.

Thomas Robert Malthus
Suggested populations could increase faster than food supplies

Are there correlations
between currency, debt, natural resources, peace and war?

Are there times when compromise isn't appropriate?

Have the powerful created symbols for the powerless to destroy
to turn tyranny into nationalism?

Is attachment suffering?

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