Israel Ukraine; "Your life is in danger, and your fate is out of your hands."

"...no reasonable person looking at today could argue that we are the masters of our fates.

We may not actually know some of what we think we know.

What we don’t know we don’t know is more than we think.

...there is not a single country in the world that wasn't, in some way, founded by occupiers.

Almost everywhere, there was someone there who was displaced or absorbed to make way for the current occupants.

Some of what we need, we don’t know or can’t choose to do, 
like hunger or thirst.

To exist in the present, 
we must have acquired enough need in the past to make it happen.

Every nation that exists was born out of some injustice. Consider the United States and Native Americans and slavery. Both were fundamental to America's birth, but the right of the United States to remain intact is not questioned. Look at Europe and the way it was reshaped by armies. Perhaps that happened centuries ago, but is there an expiration date on injustice?

Threatened need alters thought.

At the same time, there was someone there before Israel. They were not annihilated as in the case of some nations that disappeared with the arrival of newcomers. They are still there, in Israel, in the West Bank and certainly in Gaza. This is the borderland between Israel and the Arab world, and it is filled, particularly in Gaza, by people who are claiming their right to a state.

If want depends non purposefully not understanding need, 
what looks obtainable may not be.

Some who want the creation of that state to include the annihilation, expulsion or absorption of Israel.

Over-prioritizing present want can sacrifice future need.

...And therefore, an endless and pointless debate rages as to who is right and who started the war in an infinite regression that goes back to times before any living Jew or Palestinian. This is the same as in Ukraine.

A debate can be held as to whether this was just. It really doesn't matter. Russia is there and needs things, Ukraine is there and needs different things, and the West is there providing advice, which if it fails won't directly affect it.

Need appears to be thought, sustenance, hygiene and a temperate climate.

Create a higher likelihood of a better present 
by securing need and achieving want in the shortest time with the least risk, 
by thinking of what to don and when, 
relative to what was and what could happen after what may happen next.

What ties Ukraine, Russia, Israel and Gaza together is that they are all fighting for their lives, or interests that are so fundamentally important to them that they cannot live without them. They are fighting for their nation and for that nation's safety in a world where unspeakable things happen and where the only ones who will defend you are your family, friends and countrymen, and where all the well-wishers and advice-givers will quietly take their leave if dangers arise. There is nothing easier and cheaper than advising others to get along...

Don’t think you need want, want what you can’t get,
or think you know what you don’t.

Others would have approached today by saying that the Russians are evil or the Ukrainians really the oppressors, the Israelis killers or the Gazans monsters.

Some of what we think we know, we don’t.

...these people have a great deal to fight over, but that it is their fight, and that -- as when the Romans began wiping out Europe's Celts -- it will be settled by steel and not by kindly advice or understanding. The problem between these people is not that they don't understand each other.

There may be less risk and greater return in learning from other people’s mistakes 
before having to learn from your own.

The problem is that they do.

What to do should be an optimal point between need and want.

...we would grieve for our countrymen before others, much as Russians, Ukrainians, Israelis and Palestinians grieve for their own.

We are no better.

But we live in a stronger and safer country for which we are grateful.

It allows us to give advice and means we don't have to experience our misjudgments, even on a long sad day.

Thoughts of the past and future are dependent on existing in the present.

If we think, we are. 

We were who we think we were. 

We are what we think we are.

If nothing changes, we may or may not be who we think we’ll be.

If what was, is, or will be is uncertain, 
the only certainty appears to be present thought.

What is may have been before the beginning, 
and may still be after the end.

The less you think you need, the easier it is to take care of.

Want is everything else, but you have to acquire need to get it.

In want is not how much but how happy, Wealth = Happiness 

Want can be eliminating unneeded.

In time, we “do” in the present, so doing nothing is choosing to do something.

If thought is both logical and emotional, what we do is too.

If what we think was derived from choice or influence, what we think is may not be.

If emotion occurs before thought, reaction can precede comprehension.

If there’s less risk and higher return in a plan fitting circumstances, 
than circumstances fitting a plan; acknowledge, adjust and overcome.

If not thinking isn’t, it’s not about what could’ve been or what may someday, 
it’s about what we do now.

Have as much fun as soon as possible, with the least amount of risk 
for as long as you can.


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