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"Non-Earned Income in Guilford County" is now dominated by taxpayer funded government programs, which = a community in decline
“non-earned income” — basically money you receive that doesn’t come from a job.

Before 2009, more than half of that money in the county came from the areas of investments, dividends and rental income.

The rest, though, came from such government programs as unemployment insurance, Medicaid and Social Security.

The recession tipped the balance.

Now more than half of the county’s $7 billion in non-earned income comes from government payments.

In fact, you can tell a lot about the county through its non-earned income — both good and bad.

...communities with more non-earned income from investments and dividends usually spread more money through the economy than people who receive Social Security or unemployment.

...traditional drivers of the economy — manufacturing, retail and service jobs — are declining or don’t pay enough for people to earn a living.

...the immediate challenge is to get more people off government income and into jobs or the best kind of non-earned income, which comes from dividends, investments and rental income.
I don't agree with the conclusions of the article.

We need jobs that pay well.

We have a relatively less than well educated work force.

We need to put that workforce to work in good paying jobs.

We need good paying manufacturing jobs.

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