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May 3, 2013; "Proposed work force bill creates concerns"

"A fast-moving proposal to reform work force development operations in North Carolina advanced in the General Assembly this week, continuing worries among local officials and raising questions about potential funding implications.

The bill, which was first introduced in January by Rep. Julia Howard, a Davie County Republican, includes language about realigning local work force development areas within the boundaries of councils of governments.

Though the content of the proposal is subject to change, observers monitoring the situation say the bill in its current state could mean ...disbanding groups such as the Greensboro-High Point-Guilford County Workforce Development Board.

...Zeb Hanner, assistant county manager for Davidson County, said he thinks the measure could siphon funds away from DavidsonWorks, a work force group that has a budget of $2 million annually and 22 full-time equivalent jobs.

...Lillian Plummer, executive director of the Guilford County Workforce Development Board, which has a budget of $3.5 million, said the bill in its current state would “clearly disband” the group.

...the exact form of the bill could change. Rep. Howard could not be reached for this story, but Huskins said the bill may be substituted with a new proposal that will include recommendations from a labor force consultant brought in by Gov. Pat McCrory named Emily DeRocco.

“They are keeping that bill alive as a placeholder,” Huskins said."

Katie Arcieri

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