One who intends to leave others better off for his having existed.


Dane Keaton

Member of the Bench Tavern since 1968.

Good Friend.

Loved his wife.

He will be missed.

I would say I've played about 500 games of pool with Dane,
many as partners
among other proclivities we shared over the years.

I've said this for some a few times over the years.

I said it today, and yesterday.

I said it at Ed's funeral at the Bench.

Ed sold Dane the motorcycle in the picture above.

I don't give much credence to the actual meaning of the words,
but the way it sounds when it comes out means a lot,
as some of the circumcised have been saying it for a few thousand years.

Yit•ga•dal ve•yit•ka•dash she•mei ra•ba
be•al•ma di•ve•ra chi•re•u•tei, ve•yam•lich mal•chu•tei
be•cha•yei•chon u•ve•yo•mei•chon u•ve•cha•yei de•chol beit Yis•ra•eil,
ba•a•ga•la u•vi•ze•man ka•riv, ve•i•me•ru: a•mein. 
Ye•hei she•mei ra•ba me•va•rach le•a•lam u•le•al•mei al•ma•ya. 
Yit•ba•rach ve•yish•ta•bach, ve•yit•pa•ar ve•yit•ro•mam ve•yit•na•sei,
ve•yit•ha•dar ve•yit•a•leh ve•yit•ha•lal she•mei de•ku•de•sha, be•rich hu,
le•ei•la min kol bi•re•cha•ta ve•shi•ra•ta,
tush•be•cha•ta ve•ne•che•ma•ta da•a•mi•ran be•alma, ve•i•me•ru: a•mein.

It’s kind of like talking to your great x 20 grandparents.
Forget what you give, value what you get,
return what you borrow, replace what you break,
and forgive quickly.

Do the right thing when no one’s looking,
leave others better off for having known you,
and the world a better place than you found it.

Give your family a better chance to succeed
than your forefathers gave your parents
and your parents gave you.

Do the most good, in the best way,
with as many people for as long as possible.

Hope everything happens the way it does.

Sing, laugh, cry, don’t worry, let go, feel good, love,
and have as much fun as soon as possible
with the least amount of risk for as long as you can.

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Roch said...

Very nice sentiment. I'm sorry you lost your friend.