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GPAC design team finalized by the Community Foundation for Greensboro Taxpayer's money without a Council vote?

At this point, this is very believable.  Was there a bidding process?  How much do these folks stand to make?  What are their connections to GPAC task force members?  No conflict of interests?  Isn't someone from Moser Mayer Phoenix on the task force?  What input did city council have?  Who's paying for the services of these companies?  WTF?
New York-based H3 Hardy Collaboration Architecture will be the design architect...

...H3 initially collaborated with the downtown performing arts center task force in 2012 for a feasibility study...

Atlanta-based Rosser International inc. is the project’s lead architect. Rosser has previously designed the ACC Hall of Champions at the Greensboro Coliseum Complex as well as the Greensboro Aquatic Center.

• New York City-based Arup, for theatrical, acoustical and video consulting;

• PFM/Nederlander for theatre and Broadway consulting;

• Sutton-Kennerly & Associates of Greensboro for structural engineering;

• Palma Engineers of Greensboro for plumbing engineering;

• Howe Engineers of Norwell, Mass., for fire safety systems;

• Davenport of Winston-Salem for civil and traffic engineering and soil testing;

• Venue of Tampa, Fla., for cost estimating;

• Walt Teague of Greensboro for construction administration;

• Moser Mayer Phoenix Associates of Greensboro for interior, back of house and VIP design; and,

• Landscape Design Collaborative of Greensboro for landscaping design.


Anonymous said...


This ain't no regular service contract, this is ROBBERY pure and simple.

Anonymous said...

Voters were bypassed to begin with, even if we were told differently. The whole thing stinks of corruption and soiled sheets and our entire council is complicit.