One who intends to leave others better off for his having existed.


Where and when are you?

Need = Thought, sustenance and a temperate climate

Want = Everything else

Over-prioritizing want sacrifices need.

If want depends on not understanding need,
what looks obtainable may not be.

Want can be eliminating unneeded

The less you think you need, the easier it is to take care of

If want is not how much but how happy,
Wealth = Happiness

Everything you want you already have and are,
if you think so.

If thought is both logical and emotional,
what you do is too.

If emotion occurs before thought,
reaction can precede comprehension.

Some of what you think you know
you don’t.

If nothing doesn’t change,
not making a move is making a move.

Threatened need alters thought.

Would you rather be happy or know?

If what you think depends on what you choose
or are influenced to think,
what you think is is, may not be.

Create a higher likelihood of a better is
by securing need and achieving want
in the shortest time with the least risk
by thinking of what and when relative to what was
and what could happen after what may happen next.

Want your family
to live for as long and in the best circumstances possible.

Want happiness

Do ≠ Achieve

Don’t think you need want

Don’t want what you can’t get.

Don’t think you know what you don’t.

Don’t over-sacrifice need for want,
and vice versa.

If there’s less risk and higher return in a plan fitting circumstances
than circumstances fitting a plan
acknowledge, adjust and overcome

Do more than hope

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