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Writing advice from Roch Smith Jr., which I found in an email from a year ago or so.

"Please write four paragraphs with what you think is important in this thread.

You may not:

1. Use the passive voice.
2. Pose a question or use a question mark.
3. Quote from other sources without explaining why you are quoting them and explaining their relevance.

You must:

1. Have a subject for each sentence.
2. Put line breaks only between paragraphs.
3. State the facts clearly.
4. State the implications clearly.

Your four paragraphs will conform to the following format.

Paragraph 1: Will introduce the subject, describe what you are about to explain and tell us why it matters.

Paragraph 2: Will detail the substance of what it is you want us to know.

Paragraph 3: Will add to and/or expound on the information in paragraph 2.

Paragraph 4. Will tie it all together and tell us how the information in paragraphs 1 and 2 support the assertions you made in paragraph 1.

The entire piece will be 500 words or less."

Roch Smith, Jr.
Mr. Smith cared enough to help Mr. Hartzman, for which I am appreciative   

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