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Noah McMichael on the "difference between the Republicans and the Democrats as parties"

"The funniest part about this whole post is the implication that there is any serious difference between the Republicans and the Democrats as parties. Sure, you get the occasional guy or gal who will break from the norm, but all the Republicans and Democrats are is a false dichotomy which both of them are all too willing to perpetuate in the name of preventing anyone else from stepping into the ring.

Republicans can't seriously claim to be for economic growth or spending cuts until they actual work for those things, and come to terms with the unnecessary nature of our current military expenditures. Democrats cannot claim to be the sane or responsible folks until they come to terms with the fact that it is social welfare programs which provide the primary drain on the budget, and which create a culture of entitlement and dependence amongst many poor communities. Neither party can claim to be for the individual man until either side takes a firm stand against the violations of our civil liberties at the hands of the NSA, the TSA, and many other of the various agencies of the "Alphabet Soup".

To hurl blame at each other in such a clear and disrespectful fashion as a matter of course is not the sign of reasonable or rational people: it is the sign of fanatics and fools. This is behavior I expect from rabid Sports Fans, not from people seeking answers or solutions."

Noah McMichael

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