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From the Information Page of the class Wells Fargo asked George Hartzman to cancel: $99 - 8 hour CPA CPE: George Hartzman's Wells Fargo Whistleblower Filing and the Accounting Industry

Topics: Hartzman's Whistleblower Filing, Double Dip Recession?, Regulatory Capture, Sarbanes-Oxley, Bailout Ethics, China, European Economic Contagion, Dodd-Frank, Tax Ethics, Crony Capitalism, Chess, Regulatory Ethics, FASB, The Federal Reserve & Financial Market Intervention, Communication Ethics & What to Do Now.
Secret Fed Loans Gave Banks Undisclosed $13B
The Federal Reserve and the big banks fought for more than two years
to keep details of the largest bailout in U.S. history a secret.
Bankers didn’t mention that they took tens of billions of dollars in emergency loans
at the same time they were assuring investors
their firms were healthy.
Hartzman's Inquisition is an Intermediate / Advanced CPE Workshop, presented by Think Professional Education, a registered sponsor of continuing professional education with the North Carolina State Board of CPA Examiners. Sponsor #20110010
I believe Sarbanes–Oxley has been violated.
I believe Wells Fargo's Ethics Code has been violated.
I believe my client's best interests have been violated.
I believe no one has been held accountable.
I believe a select few profited from information
my fiduciary clients lost money because of.
George Hartzman
One or Two certificates will be distributed upon completion: One for two hours of North Carolina Ethics Requirement, along with a six hour certificate for standard CPE, or one eight hour certificate for standard CPE.
Critical analysis and debate for CPAs in public accounting and industry.
Each Attendee will receive a dated, numbered, and signed copy
of Hartzman's Inquisition.

What Does It Mean to Be a Fiduciary?
Fiduciary duty represents the highest degree of trust and confidence
that the investment advisor will act in your best interest.
As a fiduciary, your investment advisor has the duty to:
Make full and fair disclosure of all material facts,
particularly where the advisor’s interests may conflict with the client’s
Have a reasonable, independent basis for their investment advice
Be loyal to clients
Wells Fargo Advisors Client Approved Flier
George Hartzman, President of Think Professional Education, Based in Greensboro, NC,
specializes in economics and financial ethics
and has taught North Carolina CPA CPE for Thirteen years.

Questions? Call Think Professional Education at (336) xxx-skdy

"under [The Sarbanes-Oxley Act],
…public companies must promptly disclose information
on material changes in their financial conditions or operations
on a rapid and current basis (Section 409).

Financial reports required to be prepared in accordance with GAAP
must include all material correcting adjustments
that have been identified by a public accounting firm,
and in its annual and quarterly reports, (Section 401).

…pro forma financial information contained in a periodic report
filed with the SEC, or in a press release or other public disclosure,
will be required to be presented so as not to “contain an untrue statement”
or omit the statement of a material fact
necessary to make the pro forma financial statement not misleading.

…Management’s public accountants
will be required to attest to and report on the assessments made
by company’s management.”

Rizvana Zameeruddin
Northeastern Illinois University

George is the author of What to Do Now, Think, Investor Guide,
Think Retirement Plan Edition, Fiduciary Guide,
Questions for Investors,
Questions for America
and What Could Happen After What May Happen Next,
which are used to teach CPE and adult education.

George Hartzman's Facebook Page
Did some stabilize financial markets in the short-term
to defend political legacies and financial interests,
regardless of long-term consequences?

Lunch and refreshments included
Seating limited to 40 attendees
The CPA shall maintain documentation proving that the course met these standards. Attendance certificates will be distributed upon class sign in and out and evaluation completion. Lecture Format. No advanced preparation or prerequisites necessary.
Refunds: 30+ days before class = 80%
refund 10 - 30 days prior = 50%
or 100% credit towards any 2011 or 2012 course

.Complaints or comments regarding registered sponsors may be addressed to the North Carolina State Board of CPA Examiners, PO Box 12827, Raleigh, NC 27605. Each CPA must exercise judgment in selecting courses and claiming credit for only those courses that contribute to the CPA’s professional competence and meet the standards found in 21 NCAC 8G .0400. Based on 50 minute hours.
Any class paid for but not attended qualifies for 100% credit for another class of the same price in 2011/12.

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