"What passes for journalism at CNBC and the rest of the mainstream print and TV media is beyond laughable."

"Their America is all about feelings. Are we confident? Are we bullish? Are we optimistic about the future? America has turned into a giant confidence game.

The governing elite spend their time spinning stories about recovery and manipulating public opinion so people will feel good and spend money.

Facts are inconvenient to their storyline.

The truth is for suckers.

They know what is best for us and will tell us what to do and when to do it.]

...“there is no avoiding the final collapse of a boom created solely by credit expansion.

Those in power will never voluntarily relinquish their grand game of pillaging the wealth of the nation...

They will continue to use propaganda, printing presses, and half-truths to further their agenda but those who examine the facts will come to a logical conclusion that we are being sold a great lie.”

I believe our fiscal situation is much worse than most people realize.

...citizens have been conditioned to believe they are entitled to live at the expense of government (i.e other citizens because, after all, government has nothing that it first does not take from someone else)...

The U.S. government is spending more than a trillion dollars more than it takes in every year…[which] all gets into the pockets of ordinary Americans [who,] in turn,…use that money to pay the mortgage, buy food, shop at the mall, etc. – creating a “false prosperity” bubble that is not real.

It may feel real to you right now, but it is unsustainable…

We are living in the greatest debt bubble the world has ever seen...

…one could see a set of actions including seizure of the 6,000 tons of foreign gold stored at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York which, when combined with Washington’s existing hoard of 8,000 tons, would leave the US as a gold superpower in a position to dictate the shape of the international monetary system going forward, as it did at Bretton Woods in 1944.”

...■Real estate prices continue to decline despite a 30-year mortgage rate at or below 4%.
■Millions more homes will be foreclosed on in the next few years.
■The true unemployment and underemployment rate is 22.5%, and there is little hope of turning things around quickly with American manufacturing gutted and shipped to China.
■A record 46 million people are on food stamps.
■At least 90% of all mortgages are supplied by the government.
■The Fed is holding a key interest rate at 0% through 2014 and is starting a new round of money printing (QE)…
■Vehicle sales have been propped up with a new round of subprime financing.
■America’s debt to GDP is 100% or more, and another debt ceiling increase will probably be necessary before the November election.
■[Some] are allowed to use government accounting fraud to make them look solvent.
■Most U.S. states are not only flat broke but underwater with massive debt loads.
■[Some] who created this mess with trillions of dollars of fraud are not prosecuted for fear of speeding up the coming collapse.
■Fuel and food prices are rising, and inflation is running at 11% (if it were calculated the way the government did it in 1980).

...The biggest problem America has is crushing debt that it will never pay back.

Dollars are loaned into existence...

You cannot fight a debt crisis with never-ending bailouts and currency creation.

That’s like fighting fire with gasoline."


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