One who intends to leave others better off for his having existed.


George's Pop

77, born in Havana, Cuba

His father fought in the Russian Revolution,
hopped a boat, ended up in Cuba instead of the US,
met Gramma, had dad.

Hauled water in buckets when water shortages hit.

Lost many in the Holocaust.

Emigrated through Miami in 1947

Grew up in Brooklyn

Went to Abraham Lincoln High School

Went to City College of New York.

Batchelor in Mechanical Engineering.

Played soccer in high school, competed in college Olympic style weight lifting events
ran marathons and still lifts.

Studied at Berkely.

Ph. D. in Mechanical Engineering from University of California, Davis.

Worked at the Lawrence Livermore Labratory in Livermore, California

Retired from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission after 34 years.

Figured the meltdowns in Japan a month and a half before TEPCO admitted it.

We play chess by Email

We debate economics, philosophy, politics, ethics and religion.

He wrote a play for 11 years,
dealing with biblical inaccuracies and Spinoza's philosophy.

We are supposed to talk every Friday night

He needs new knees

He worries about his kids

Loves Mom

Likes to paint nude women.

Reads a lot and collects used books

Drives cars into the ground

Still exercises almost everyday

Loves his grandchildren

Worries about his activist son.

Happy Fathers Day


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