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Who are the "some black political leaders" who want to boot Dianne Bellamy-Small? Are "journalists" supposed to report unconfirmed rumors?

"There were some changes on the map
that Councilmember Dianne Bellamy-Small didn't like.

One of them may have been that D.J. Hardy,
who ran in the at-large City Council race in 2009, was placed in her district.

Rakestraw didn't come up with this.

If Bill Burckley has also worked for Skip Alston and Alma Adams...?

...Burckley has advised, researched and designed campaigns
for county Commissioners Billy Yow and Melvin “Skip” Alston
and for state Rep. Alma Adams.

He said last week that he was working for six candidates in this year’s City Council elections,
including incumbents Trudy Wade, Mary Rakestraw and Zack Matheny;
at-large candidate Nancy Vaughan; and mayoral candidate Bill Knight.


Reportedly some black political leaders who
would like to see Bellamy-Small off the council wanted that change.

There is a rumor that school board member Deena Hayes
might run against Councilmember Jim Kee in District 2.

With the map the council passed Hayes is not in District 2
but was moved to District 1.

So Kee certainly was reportedly pleased about a potential tough opponent
being removed from his district, but he didn't vote for the map."


Could John be intentionally creating rumors,
as opposed to reporting the existence of rumors?

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